Chameleon pigment powder

Chameleon series pearlescent pigments, also known as different-color pearlescent pigments with different angles, this color-changing pigment includes two series of iron series chameleon and titanium series chameleon. Through the control of production process, a variety of different refractive index materials are alternately coated on the mica substrate. Oxide, the coating thickness of each oxide is designed, and the light is reflected and refracted by the multi-layer film to achieve the special effect of Chameleon series pearlescent pigments with different colors at different angles.

Chameleon pigments powder have the following four characteristics:

1. High gloss, high color density;

2. Changeable colors, large-scale wide color gamut color changing effect is remarkable;

3. Neat particle size and good dispersion;

4. Fully meet the hygienic requirements of cosmetics;

Chameleon can show magical colors looming on light-colored backgrounds and colorful effects on black backgrounds, allowing customers to have unlimited creations and combinations in terms of applications. As an inorganic pigment, pearlescent pigment will not react with any system.

Chameleon pearlescent pigments can be used in many fields, such as make-up, decorative paint, car color changing film, printing glue and other fields!

Post time: Jun-17-2023