High Quality Gold Copper Bronze Powder For Coating, Printing Inks

Short Description:

This series is leafing flaky pigment, which is composed of copper, zinc, powder. Bronze powder imparts good brilliance and metallic effect. Rich gold, pale gold, rich pale gold and copper powder are available. Customer can choose color and particle size according to their application and required effect.

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Material Rose Bronze,zinc Series Pale Gold Powder
Model Number 8300-2,8400-2,800-2,808-2,815-2,8600-2,8700-2 Particle size 61um,38um,18um,13um,6.5-10um,23um,38um
Application metallic paint, decorative paint, ink, etc mesh 240,400,800,1000,1500,650,450
Color Pale gold Sample Available
Style Inorganic Pigment Shape powder
FOB Price US$14.9~21.9/Kilograms Min.Order Quantity 1KG
Supply Ability 10000 ton/year Port Fuzhou
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T,western Union Shipping Method EMS TNT UPS FEDEX DHL

Product feature

High apparent and tap density
- High purity(>99.5%), low impurity content
- Good fluidity
- Strong metal texture
- Strong hiding power
- Uniform particle size Fine
- Bright color
- Strong weather resistance
- Excellent anti-corrosion and UV resistance

Product description

Copper powder gives a good luster and metal effect. The smaller the number of eyes, the thicker the particles, the stronger the metal sense, the more flashing. The larger the number of eyes, the finer the particles, the softer the color, and the better the cover. Rich in gold, light gold, rich in light gold and copper powder to choose from. The customer can choose the color and particle size according to the effect of its application and requirements.


Copper powder is mainly used in crafts, paints, inks, coatings, printing and other industries.
1.240 mesh Copper powder: fly gold, fabric printing gold, suitable for fast printing.
2.400 mesh Copper powder: fly gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, also suitable for screen printing, wallpaper, paint and incorporation into plastics.
3.800 mesh Copper powder: used for fabric printing, spray paint, plastic, wallpaper “point-point” coatings for aqueous and non-aqueous applications.
4.1000 mesh copper powder: used to make high-gloss spray paint, wooden materials, screen printing inks and rubber bump inks.
5.1500 mesh copper powder: excellent performance, high gloss and good stability, can be used to manufacture canned offset inks.

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