Electroplating Aluminum Silver Paste Paint For Special Purpose

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Imitated Electroplating Aluminum Silver paste has excellent metallic effect and hiding powder,The effect of paint is exquisite and bright, showing bright brightness and densityIt is a special processing technology and surface treatment, so that the surface of aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, the shape is regular, the particle size distribution is concentrated, and the match with the coating system is excellent.

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Material Aluminite powder solvent Series Electroplating silver
Model Number 9100,9108,9110,9115,9118,9898 Particle size 5um,12um,14um,15um,3um,10um
Application Automobile, decoration Shape paste
Color silver Sample Available
Style Inorganic Pigment Appearance Snowflake,silver dollar
FOB Price US$11.5~15.6/Kilograms Min.Order Quantity 1KG
Supply Ability 30 tons/month Port Fuzhou
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T,western Union Shipping Method EMS TNT UPS FEDEX DHL

Product feature

1.excellent metallic effect and hiding powder
2.exquisite and bright paint effect, showing bright brightness and density

Paste Paint 09
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 Product description

Imitated Electroplating Aluminum Silver paste is in the shape of a silver dollar, with smooth surface and edge, moderate diameter to thickness ratio and concentrated particle size distribution.Therefore, this series of products have high reflective ability and good positioning ability, make the film appearance bright, smooth surface, similar to the effect of electroplating metal.


Widely Used in advanced 3C paints, automotive parts , roof coating, industrial coating, ink coating, specialty coating, coil and can coating, decorative and reflective finishes coating, aerosol finishes, hammer tone finishes coating, paper, anti-corrosive coating, marine paint, metal furniture, plastic coating, and etc.

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