Fluorescent Neon Color Glow In Dark Pigment Phosphor Powder

Short Description:

The luminous powder is invisible to the normal light, it only glows bright in the light of the black light lamps. For maximum effect it is recommended to use UV lamps with a wavelength of 365 um and transparent paints

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Product Name Luminous powder
Color Various colors
Character Acid and alkali proof,Arc resistance,Harmless to the human body, environmental protection,.Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oily systems
Application Make up,holiday decoration,plastic,painting and coating and so on
Certificate MSDS
Support custom OEM,ODM
Sample available

Product feature

Luminous powder invisible pigment can be mixed with base transparent or white paint, varnishes or other water-based solutions to brighten the UV light. The pigment is water based and the optimum mixing rate is 3-5%.It is recommended to test the pigment on a smaller amount of material to determine the optimum mixing rate, in different materials (paint, varnishes, etc.) the optimum rate may vary.

Fluorescent Neon Color Glow In Dark Pigment Phosphor Powder For Road Sign Floor Painting (2)
Fluorescent Neon Color Glow In Dark Pigment Phosphor Powder For Road Sign Floor Painting (6)

 Product description

The luminous powder invisible pigment is suitable for Paint:(Almost all coating systems, vehicles, craftwork, appliances, furniture, construction, leather, textiles, wrought iron.),Ink(Printing inks such as letterpress,screen, and coating, wallpaper, decorative paper, PVC and other printing products),plastics(injection molding, silicone and other plastic product),creating hidden images, drawings or texts,for UV printing or is used for clubs, bars, theaters or for your room. In normal light it is invisible and in the light of ultraviolet lamps it illuminates intensely.
The pigment is packed in sacks of 0.35 oz(10 grams) or 1 oz(30 grams) and is available in the next colors: red at UV light(black light), white at UV light(black light), green at UV light(black light), orange at UV light(black light), blue at UV light(black light) and yellow at UV light(black light).

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