Gold Bronze Powder Multicolor Optional Metal Copper Powder

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Copper Metallic Powder – Copper powder series has a strong metallic texture, can be applied to fly gold,gold paint,fabric ,gold printing, screen printing, powder coating and so on ,which creates fast & easy metallic effects!

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Product Name Copper powder
Color Rich gold,rich pale gold,pale gold,pure copper
Size 240mesh -1500mesh
Application Printing , decoration,painting and coating and so on
Certificate MSDS
Support custom OEM,ODM
Sample available

Product feature

Particle shape of metal powder
Aerosolized copper powder: mostly spherical or nearly spherical;
Water mist copper powder: irregular shape;
REDOX copper powder: porous and spongy;
Particle size distribution of metal powder
The powder samples are divided into several grades according to different particle size, and the powder of each grade is sequenced according to the percentage of quality, quantity or volume.
Chemical composition of metal powder
Refers to the composition of metal powder chemical elements, and the main component.

Hot Selling Nano Standard Bronze Powder Multicolor Optional Metal Copper Powder (5)


Epoxy resin
Metallic Powder Pigment have High Covering let It can be colored by simply applying it to the surface of the mold and pour the resin into mold

Polymer clay
This true metallic powder pigment is very suitable for mixing with any medium such as gouache, watercolor, paint, varnish, or pasting to produce metallic luster.

Resin tray
Mix different colors of resin with basic color and metallic color, you can draw a marble pattern with metallic color on your pallet

Art craft
You can use them to achieve a variety of effects, such as metal surfaces, metal edges, metal patterns, marble effects, gilding effects, etc.

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