Gold Copper Bronze Powder For Paint, Print Ink And Coating

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Pure copper epoxy resin color pigment, best copper bronze powder for resin art and crafts  — great for resin art, epoxy resin, ultraviolet resin and so on

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Product Name Copper powder
Color  Rich gold,rich pale gold,pale gold,pure copper
Size  240mesh -1500mesh
Application Make up, decoration,painting and coating and so on
Certificate MSDS
Support custom OEM,ODM
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Product description

High tenperature resis tant copper and gold powder is coated on the surface of gold povder by special surface treatnent technology, so that it has nore stable physical and chenical properties,sultable for a variety of different processes and
industries that need to be processed at hi sh tenperature,
such as plastic, silica gel,high tenperature injection nolding,powder coating, baking paint, ctc. Water- -borne copper and gold
powder is a special process to retallate on the surface of
gold powder, so that it has a better affinity and expression
in water -based solvent,suitable for water-based acrylic resin and other corresponding water-based ink systen.


Our copper powders have a strong covering power and silky texture, giving a shimmering and real metal look to your handmade products. Different series of copper powder is used for different industrial .

Spraying-powde r, metallic paint textile print alloy. Applicable to fast printing,easy to clean.

Intaglio pinting.plastic metallic ink printing and fubber metalli ink relief Printing,Both brightness and coverage can achieve an ideal effect.

Shiny metallic plgment,applicable to wallpaper coating and mixed in the plastic.

Super shiny pigment,applicable to textile printing and latex coat,plastic,wallpaper” paint pit”coating,aqueous and non-aqueous paper coating.

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