The Company Strength Introduction

Team building activity plan

Team building activity plan

First, the division of labor

Commander: General Manager

Trainer: Deputy General Manager

Referee: Administrative Manager

Second, team competition

1Ice breaking activities


The purpose of the activity: to break down the estrangement and establish a team atmosphere of mutual knowledge and trust.Communication between each other is set up this
Once the trust is completely established, you will feel that the working atmosphere of the team is so relaxed and happy.


1 Divide all the members into three groups. Make each group a centripetal circle with a diameter

2 2.5 M, choose A team member is standing in the center.

3 And each man put out his hands, The center players folded their arms across their chests, And make the following Communicate and talk.Central team member:
“My name is??(My own name)
I’m ready. Are you ready ?
“All the team Members replied:
“Ready .”
“Trainer.” I’m down ? ”
“Team members.” Go ahead ! ”
3 At this time the whole body is completely inverted In the hands of the group members, Team members then push the central player clockwise twice.

4 Suggest that every member of the group Let’s have a try.

5 The person in the center of the circle is required to keep his or her body upright when he or she falls down and do not open his or her hands to avoid hurting others.

2 Graduated from the wall,


What to do: Divide all the people into three or four groups.For a set amount of time, all the people in each group relied only on each other Cooperation, climb up from the ground up high 3.8 The top of the wall of meters.If one person fails to climb or exceeds the allotted time, Then all of them will not graduate, that is to say, if one fails, all of them will fail.If each group is finished within the specified time
A task, The team with the shortest utilization time is selected as the winning team.

Purpose: The main purpose is to stimulate and strengthen the tenacious fight And help each other to win the unity of victory.

Coefficient of cooperation: ★★★★★ ★

Physical Requirements: ★★★

Danger factor: ★★

3 A soft, bridge

Time: 60 minutes

What: A section of ladder is hung at both ends of the col.The team had to use a rope ladder to walk from one side of the depression to the other
End.It is divided into three or four groups. Through teamwork, all members in the group can cross the soft bridge in the shortest time.

The purpose of the activity: to break the physiological reaction in the psychological comfort zone, to retreat in the face of crisis, and to break through the self-psychological comfort zone — jump
Jump success, the role of team motivation, but also to help employees break through the psychological comfort zone.

Cooperation coefficient: ★

Physical Requirements: ★★

Danger factor: ★★

4 Hand catenary, solution

Form: 10 One of a set of

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