Mica powder of industrial grade are widely used for different industrial

Mica Pigments are used by industrial grade producers worldwide to meet current trends and regulatory requirements .

We offers the right combination of technologies, colors and particle sizes to enable the looks and effects consumers are looking for: sparkle without plastic or natural glow, true colors or iridescent effects, high coverage or sheer brilliance.

Pearlscent pigment has rich colors, excellent pearlescent effect, light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no electricity, no magnetic conductivity, stable chemical properties, good dispersion performance.

Pearlescent material has good dispersion and good physical and chemical characteristics, so it is widely used in the coating industry no matter what kind of monochrome coating mixed pearlescent material, can become pearlescent coating, its pearlescent and metallic luster effect is impressive. Pearlescent coating has been used in automobile, locomotive, daily articles, building materials and many other fields. The pearLEScent material is a lamellar structure, so wetting is simple and rapid, but the polarity of the surface of the system and the chemical properties of the medium or solvent should be considered. The wafer of pearlescent material is easy to be damaged when dispersed, and usually the pearlescent material can be dispersed by simple stirring. Mixing is allowed only for a short time if a dispersing machine is used. It is recommended to disperse pulping in advance and then add to the paint mixture.
The good dispersion of industrial grade pearlescent materials is widely used in the plastic masterbatch industry, and has excellent mechanical strength, high shear resistance. The environmental protection of pearlescent materials is safer than organic pigments used in food packaging, children’s toys and other plastic products. Industrial grade pearlscent materials can be combined with fungicides , plant growth.

Post time: Sep-30-2022