Aurora series of pearlescent pigments

Aurora is one of the most beautiful landscapes in nature, it is diverse, colorful, different shapes, and extremely beautiful. The aurora has left a beautiful figure in both Eastern and Western myths and legends. The beauty of the aurora is irresistible. It is said that those who can see the aurora will be lucky!


The Aurora series of pearlescent pigments picks up the most sparkling and transparent color of the Aurora, absorbs the color of the Aurora Fairbanks in Alaska, and endows the new series of pearlescent materials with colors that imply gorgeous, colorful, lucky, and twinkling.

Aurora series of high-purity illusion pearlescent pigments can be fully used in cosmetics, automotive color changing films, leather, coatings, plastic paints, ink printing, plastics, powder coatings for door and window profiles, etc. Add texture to your products, enhance the high-end grade, and be unique!


product features

1.The piled state is white, and the reflected light is pure white;

2.The pure interference colors of reflected light are yellow, red, purple, blue and green respectively;

3.Bright effect colors;

4.Based on high-quality synthetic mica;

5.Particle size range: (30-120μm);

Post time: Jun-17-2023