Colorful Mica Iron Metal Luster Cosmetic Pearl Pigment Powder

Short Description:

Mica Iron Metal Luster series peral pigment is formed by mica powder coated by a layer of titanium dioxide. It can be mixed with all style synthetic resin, has very good stability and adaptability in polar, non-polar solvent and resin. The performance is very good, shows smooth and soft filling or flashing pearlescent effects

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Material Natural mica,Synthetic mica,Fe2O3 Series Mica Iron Pearl
Model Number 500,502,504,505,508-510,520,522.524,525,530,532-535 Particle size 10-60um,5-25um,10-100um
Application Coating, paints, inks, plastics, cosmetics etc Shape powder
Color Multiple colors Sample Available
Style Inorganic Pigment Appearance Color Powder
FOB Price US$10.9~29.9/Kilograms Min.Order Quantity 1KG
Supply Ability 1000 ton/year Port Fuzhou
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T,western Union Shipping Method EMS TNT UPS FEDEX DHL

Product feature

1.Harmless to the human body, environmental protection

2.Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oily systems

3.Temperature resistance: 800℃.Acid and alkali proof

4.Luster: Multiple reflection pearl luster

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Cosmetic Pigment06

 Product description

Mica Iron Metal Luster Pearl Pigment is a metallic mineral Which are with very good high temperature resistance (the highest resisted temperature is 850°C), weather resistance & light resistance. containing a variety of components, mainly Mica/Fe2O3, The performance is very good, shows smooth and soft filling or flashing pearlescent effects.. Multi color series, different particle sizes are available for wide application and customer needs. Viewed as a new generation of pearl pigments,it can add great value and enhance the visual effect.


Coating: most vehicles coating, building painting, plastic bases painting. Powder painting and applications for surfacecoatings including adornment, commodity, toy, stationery, leatheroid, packing container, textile fabrics etc.
Printing ink: wallpaper, paperboard for packing, business cards, greeting cards, packing,container,plastics film, raincoat, adornment paper etc.
Plastic: cosmetic container, film, foodstuff container, commodity, button, toy, floorboard, automotive, panels, sandal, household appliances, adornment and other products.

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